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I have fantasies that I'm swimming in a pool of macaroni and cheese....I'm wearing goggles of course.

I love animation and graphics and making art on my computer.

I am fascinated by nutrition and health. You could write me a log of everything you ate for a week and I'd be entertained. If I ever changed careers, I'd be a nutritionist. I don't eat meat other than fish but I guess you can't call that a vegetarian. I haven't eaten the other meats since I was 16 and got the high school cafeteria to add veggie burgers in the menu. It was a great victory and I made history. I try to eat well during the week (as best I can) although it doesn't always happen. On weekends I give in to Pizza (stuffed crust and white sauce is best!), nachos, Frito's big scoops with dip, sweet white wine with cheese and strawberries, and the occasional apple martini.

I love yoga, palates, roller blading in the sun and swimming in 95 degree weather.

I have to see a dental therapist on a weekly basis for $125 an hour and we go through "mock" dental sessions where I'm drugged up and I cry. I have issues with needles and have history with going unconscious, throwing up, seizures, sweating, heart skipping, etc. when faced with needles. If your curious look up vasovagal syncope and think EXTREME!

I'm a terrible speller and have an even worse memory. It's the price I pay for being right brained.

Who I'd like to meet: Someone who will look through photo albums and get drunk on wine with me on my living room floor. Top Logo links
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